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William John Marco



Wealth Management

13 Critical Wealth Management Issues

We work comprehensively with our clients and their wealth management plans in a collaborative way. We do this by utilizing a discipline approach that list 13 Wealth Management Issues that our research shows are critical for our clients to address:

  1. Investments
  2. Insurance
  3. Liabilities
  4. Qualified Retirement Plans/IRA's
  5. Compensatory Stock Options
  6. Business Succession Plan
  7. Durable Power of Attorney
  8. Gifting to Children
  9. Charitable Gifting
  10. Proper Title of Assets
  11. Choice of Executor / Trustee
  12. Distribution of Wealth at Death
  13. Charitable Inclination at Death

Retirement and Longevity Planning, Social Security Optimization Strategies, Pension Maximization Analysis and Solutions.

 We address these issues by using the vast resources provided by our Broker-Dealer, First Allied Securities, which allows me to provide this high level of  personal service. These resources include, College, Retirement, and Longevity Planning, as well as, Insurance Strategies, Tax Planning, and Asset Management.

We deliver this to you locally in a highly personalized and way.